Organizations that get > 1M hours/year of community effort

I’m starting some research into organizations that might get > 1 million hours/year of volunteer effort through their websites (and, of course, mobile sites/apps). This comes directly from a conversation some colleagues and I had last week with new Smithsonian National Board member Dave Kidder, co-founder and CEO of

I think this - - directly or indirectly catalyzing large amount of effort towards Work That Matters - - should be one of the goals (link to project wiki) of the Smithsonian Commons project: 100 million items in the commons, 100 million user interactions a year, and a million hours of community effort a year - - all by the fifth year. Let’s set the bar high, shall we.

I want to understand how they get it (whatever “it” is) to work, how it started, how to support and nurture it, and how to measure it. And a whole bunch of other questions I haven’t thought of yet…

So far, with the help of some smarties on Twitter, I’ve got,

Also of interest

Who else?

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Update [November 22, 2011]

Merete Sanderhoff has posted research on these efforts to the Smithsonian Web and New Media Strategy Wiki.