"2% Milk. 98% Spiders"

From a Reddit thread: Can you tell us a scary story in 5 words or less?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Monday. (Wzup)

Living alone, toilet was warm. (EndsWithMan)

Alone in bed. Blanket shifts. (Hippo55)

It enjoys watching you sleep. (AwkwardAlligator)

You awoke suddenly, buried alive. (Panx)

Hard drive failed, no backups. (perrpello)

Wife screams, at her funeral. (ab1kenobe)

Just saw my reflection blink. (BakeAked)

Landed on moon. It’s hatching. (jsz)

Swimming…. “Something touched my foot.” (cliffsofinsanity)

Your browser history is public. (Drew)

2% milk. 98% spiders. (Onion920)

Door opens. Empty. Footsteps approach. (adycharlie)

Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. (cmikel)

You didn’t kill that spider (kuronokei2)

Winged spiders. That is all. (praisedragjesus)

Reddit was bought by Comcast. (DragonsCanBeBeaten)

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