Make the pie

Dear Carolyn,

My husband's family is really academic, most are in school until their late 20s at least. My husband has a bachelor's degree and I have some college but never finished. His family has always been welcoming and they aren't snobby or anything -- with the exception of Thanksgiving. My in-laws host and make a great meal. My husband's siblings are never asked to contribute because they are in finals and "don't have the time or money" to bring anything. We are always asked to bring a dessert or something.

My husband thinks I'm overreacting and doesn't care, but for some reason this really bugs me. How do I let it go? Or is it worth it to bring it up?

[READER COMMENT] Make the pie. Make it with a loving heart, freely and voluntarily. For all you know, the academics in the family can't cook.

[CAROLYN HAX] This answer is the answer to so many things: Make the pie.