New work

Fire and Frost,” My essay for David Bollier and Silke Helfrich new anthology, Patterns of Commoning is now up in both English and German. Buy this excellent book now. 

My essay Hidden collections for everyone is up on CLIR’s blog now. It’s about global audiences and some work I’ve done recently through with people in Mexico, the Ukraine, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria and Ghana. The essay is published as an epilogue to Collaboration, Innovation, and Models: Proceedings of the CLIR Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives Symposium, released earlier this week.

Dark Matter, which I wrote in 2014 for the Code | Words project, has now been published in an anthology for the project by Museums Etc. Ed Rodley did a tremendous job keeping this project alive, and though I haven’t received my copy yet it looks like a very handsome publication from what I can see online. Proceeds from copies bought through this link will support a scholarship fund for the Museum Computer Network conference. 

Dark Matter has also been published in Luis Mendes’s crowdfunded bilingual (Portuguese/English) anthology Reprogramme. Definitely buy this book.

How Change Happens, my slides explaining the change model behind the Openlab Workshop concept, was featured on the Slideshare home page last week. It’s been viewed in 116 countries so far.